How to open a bank account

We need money in our daily life, and to keep this money safe, we have to keep it in the bank because only bank can keep our money safe.

Moreover, foreign remittances have to be transacted through banks in order to come to Vaidya Path.

And to avoid these unwanted accidents, you need to open a bank account and how to open a bank account and where to go. I will tell you in detail, how much money it takes to open a bank account, what documents are required, I will open today’s article.

There are three types of bank accounts such as savings account, current account, and student account. Usually everyone has a savings account because there are no special requirements to open a savings account.

Such as 1. Photocopy of National ID card, II. 2 passport size photo, 3. If you do not have a photocopy of the electricity bill of your house, then you have to give a photocopy of the water bill or a picture of the telephone bill, 4. A photocopy of a nominal voter ID card and 1 signed passport size photograph.

Although the bank is currently making some rules such as opening a bank account, a bank account holder will need to fill out a form recommending you if I would advise you. Will.

You do not have to pay any amount to open a bank account but you have to deposit Rs.600 or Rs.1000 in your account to activate the bank account and give you an ATM card to withdraw money from the ATM of that bank, then you will be notified via SMS a week later That your checkbook is ready.

All you need to do is open a student bank account

There are usually no rules for opening a savings account. To open a student account, you need to submit some other documents such as photocopy of school or college ID card and show the original ID card at the time of opening the account. Photocopy of ID card must be provided.

Whatever it takes 1. Online photocopy of birth registration 2. Photocopy of the student ID card of the student of the educational institution 3. Photocopy of parent ID card 4. Photocopy of electricity bill or water bill, 5. Passport size two photocopies 7. Photocopy of Namni’s Voter Identity Card with Namni’s signature 1 copy passport size photo.

These are the ones where you can open a student account and do everything like a savings account. With this account you can add foreign remittances or online income from outside the country such as YouTube, Facebook, bank account to receive money via SMS.

In addition, to open a student account, you have to deposit Rs. 500 or Rs.

And the bank charges more than Rs.500 per annum in the account. If different banks charge differently, the church is more or less in the bank. Hopefully you will find the right bank.

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